Starship Troopers Novel: Extra Info

  1. I recommend this book because it was very interesting. I liked the characters and the plot. It is about the military and fighting aliens.
  2. The battles and the training are the most memorable and interesting but I still like the rest of the book as well.
  3. John is the most relatable character because he is the protagonist. The situations are believable because they are war zones and death. Also because of the many sci-fi movies and tv shows the situations seem more common.
  4. It does not have universal appeal because it is a science fiction book so the reader would have to like that genre to enjoy the books. Because there are so many science fiction movies and shows like "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," this book will not be read in 100 years.
  5. The writing was confusing at the start before the flashback because there were many terms used that I didn't know such as, "Combat drop" "fall out" " left flanker" " by sections- port and starboard-prepare for the drop." After chapter one, the terms mentioned were explained during John's training.
  6. I was surprised at times. I didn't sympathize with any characters. If you work hard you will achieve your dreams is what I got from the book.